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There are Many Worlds

Name: Kairi
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Age: 15

But They Share the Same Sky

Version: The ending od KH3D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Kairi has the appearance of your average (albeit rather thin) teenage girl. She’s shorter than her two best male friends, but she’s not too much smaller than Sora, which I would say puts her at about 5’ 3” or 5’ 4”. She’s slender in all senses of the word, and has a fragile appearance due to the thinness of her entire frame, except for slightly larger hands and feet as is the Disney style in the game. Kairi sports a head of striking shoulder length red hair, and large violet-blue eyes set in a slight face. Her skin is pretty pale for someone who lives on a set of islands, but you know redheads… they tend to burn rather than tan.

Her normal set of clothing consists of a pink sundress (With more zippers than are probably necessary), and a white spaghetti strapped halter top with a black hood attached. A small black purse/bag with purple ribbons is attached to a black belt she wears around her middle. On her left wrist she wears three bracelets, the colors of which are white, grey, and blue. Around her neck she wears a silver necklace with a single bead on it. Her sneakers are purple, black, and white, and instead of visible socks, there appear to be black ribbons tied around her ankles.

Personality: Kairi is, in the simplest explanation, a good and kind-hearted young woman who cares deeply about her friends and those around her. She is not one dimensional though, and shows quite a bit of spunk, energy, and personality.

At her core, Kairi is a princess of heart, which means she has a heart of pure light. Her gentle and caring personality reflects this, as she is normally upbeat, sweet, and very sociable (as we see when she quickly befriends the Twilight Town kids in KH2). However, she is just as capable of negative emotions, such as anger and sadness, as anyone else. She is certainly not perfect, having been known to display a fair bit of attitude when in dangerous situations, and she can be incredibly stubborn. She can also be brash, and when she was younger, sometimes spoke without thinking. This bad habit was curbed a bit with age and loss, and she became far more patient. For someone of only 15 years old, she can often write and speak very eloquently and with a lot of intelligence and wisdom.

Unfortunately, Kairi often plays the damsel in distress role, but that does not mean she is weak. She is quick-thinking, willful, and very clever. When pushed into tough or dangerous situations she thinks on her feet, and isn’t easily scared (in the manga she bites Axel, for crying out loud). She often hopes for or sees the good in situations, and even when things look tough or she doesn’t know exactly how something will play out, she looks for the most positive solution. Despite being younger than both Sora and Riku, she sometimes speaks to them like an elder sister.

The one thing to note is that Kairi simply wouldn’t be Kairi without Sora and Riku. They have had a vast impact on her personality, and she is incredibly loyal to them. Perhaps because the boys were both so curious about the outside world, Kairi is happy to remain a homebody and relish the simple life she has been given. That isn’t to say she isn’t adventurous in her own way, but she is far more capable of sitting still than her friends and enjoying the peace. On the other hand, if either of her boys is in danger, she won’t hesitate for a second to jump in to help them. She will disregard her own safety simply to help them out, which lands her in even more hot water when she doesn’t think before she acts. Kairi puts others before herself without a second thought, that’s just the way she rolls.

All in all, Kairi is a good and loving young girl. She loves her friends, cares about and listens to others, and generally does the right thing. She likes to tease and joke around, but is never intentionally hurtful to anyone. She is a very genuine and charismatic person, and this makes her a good ally and friend to have.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Kairi’s status as a princess of heart allows her certain abilities and powers that different from the other KH characters. She has the ability to open the keyhole to Kingdom Hearts when she’s brought together with the other princesses, as well as the fact that even with the loss of her heart, her body will remain in a coma like state until it returns. She can sense darkness, as well as keep it at bay while boosting the strength of those around her. It is another possibility that she has some power of light magic itself, or some form of it, as she is the one that restored Sora to a human form after he became a heartless.

Though she only uses it once, Kairi can also wield a keyblade. She gained the power to use one from accidentally touching Aqua’s keyblade when she was a little girl in Radiant Garden. When she does use the keyblade however, Kairi isn’t the one who initially summons it. Riku hands it to her, which begs the question, can she actually summon the weapon on her own or must another wielder do it for her? This is never exactly explained.

As for mental strengths, Kairi is an optimistic, smart, and emotionally stable young woman. While she misses her friends when they are gone, she never actually loses that hope that they’ll come home. She believes strongly in those she loves, and also believes in herself. She isn’t one to get down on herself and brood over things. Kairi keeps a positive attitude and usually keeps right on going. It is believed she does well in school and actually enjoys going most of the time, so it’s safe to say she has a good head on her shoulders for learning and understanding things around her. She adapts quickly to new situations, and even though she isn’t always strong enough to fight back against people who want to kidnap her, something often gets her out of the pinch.

Weaknesses: Let’s face it; Kairi isn’t exactly built for combat. She DOES take out several heartless when she has a weapon to do so, but more often than not she relies heavily on Sora and Riku to do most of the fighting. She’s never a playable character, so her status as a fighter, mage, or anything like that is virtually unknown. She’s not incredibly physically strong, as Axel drags her around like a ragdoll when he grabs her in KH2. She’s just a regular girl in most cases, meaning she can be hurt, get sick, die, and all those others things that are bad for people. :I

Mentally, it’s tough to say where Kairi’s weaknesses are. She doesn’t seem to let too much bother her, so she’s not bogged down by depression or anything of that nature. She’s still young of course, and is prone to mistakes and slips of the tongue that may get her in trouble, but no one’s perfect. If her friends are in trouble, she has a tendency to disregard her own safety if it means they will be safe, but she hasn’t managed to get herself badly hurt so far.

History: Kairi is one of the only female main characters found in the Kingdom Heart series, but this doesn’t make her any less important to the story, or any less interesting as a character.

To begin, Kairi was born in a world called Radiant Garden, a lovely place with beautiful flowers and majestic buildings. Raised by her grandmother, Kairi was always a special young lady, but never truly aware of her powers as a princess of heart. One day, while she was still quite young, she was off picking flowers when she was attacked and chased by a group of dark beings. She runs into Aqua, who fends off some of her attackers, and afterwards Kairi accidentally initiates a Keyblade inheritance ceremony. This goes virtually unnoticed by either of them. Aqua and Mickey, who has also arrived on the scene, both can tell Kairi is special, and they decide to work together to protect her. When Aqua has to leave Radiant Garden, she gives Kairi a protective charm against dark powers, which doesn’t activate until a year later when Ansem’s experiments let lose chaos and darkness upon his world. This charm is what carries Kairi to the place where we first meet her in Kingdom Hearts 1, the Destiny Islands.

Kairi does not know much about her past, or the world she came from before she arrived on the Destiny Islands. Instead of dwelling on it, she makes friends with two boys living on the island, Riku and Sora, and grows up alongside them, becoming a young woman who cares deeply for her friends and tends to live in the here and now, rather than the past. She develops a crush on Sora, and seems to not see the obvious crush Riku has on her. Kairi even suggests that she and Sora take the raft the three friends are building at the start of the game, and just she and Sora leave on it. This plan never actually goes through though, as Kairi insists she was kidding.

When the Destiny Islands are attacked by Heartless and Sora is chosen as the new Keyblade wielder, Kairi is seen in the Secret Place, looking rather ill. Just as Sora finds her, a strong gust of wind pushes her towards, and through, Sora, and she is taken away for quite some time. The destruction of the Islands begins Sora’s journey to find Riku and Kairi, and also unites him with Donald and Goofy, thus truly starting Sora’s adventures as the keyblade wielder. Kairi isn’t brought back into the picture until much later, in Peter Pan’s world, where she is seen as a lifeless shell, unable to move or speak. This is because she has lost her heart, driving Riku to try and get it back for her. She remains in this comatose state until Hollow Bastion, where Sora finally discovers her heart has been sleeping inside him the whole game, and he sets it free with the keyblade.

Restored to her old self, Kairi is alone at this time, and desperately trying to help her two friends in the predicaments they have now gotten themselves into. Riku is possessed by the bad guy, and Sora has become a heartless. When all looks lost, it is Kairi’s heart that recognizes and calls out to Sora’s heartless, and brings him back. She restores him to his original form, and spends the rest of the game waiting in Traverse Town for him to come back to her safe and sound. This is after Kairi gives him her good luck charm, a very important piece in Chain of Memories, and pep talks him before he rushes off to fight again. While KH1 is ending, Kairi reaches out to Sora from the restoring beach of the Destiny Islands, but he tells her he has to go. Sad that her friends are gone, but completely sure they will return, Kairi waits for both Sora and Riku to come back.

Due to the events of Chain of Memories, Kairi forgets about Sora. Namine playing with Sora’s memories also affects those around him. Her role in that story is mostly as a symbol and source of light for Sora and Riku, but it is never shown what she is doing on Destiny Islands in the meantime. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Kairi comes back into the scene, but she has forgotten all about her childhood friend. She knows he existed, but for the life of her can’t remember his name or what he looked like. It isn’t until Roxas’s ‘heart’ calls out to her (by accident) that she even gets the hint that the boy’s name begins with an S. As Namine restores all of Sora’s memories and Roxas reunites with him, Kairi regains her memories of Sora, and then sends out a message to him, a note slipped into a glass bottle that she sets out to sea.

Later in the story, Axel comes to take Kairi away, but the girl escapes from him through a portal and is taken to Twilight Town. She meets Hayner, Pence, and Olette, and immediately gets along with and hangs out with them. Unfortunately, Axel still finds her and kidnaps her, hoping to draw Sora to him. She is later put into a cell in The World that Never Was by Saix, but is then rescued by her own Nobody, Namine. Namine tries to guide Kairi out safely, but they are attacked, and with little fighting skill of her own, Kairi has to be saved by Riku (Though he doesn’t even LOOK like Riku at the time, she still somehow knows it is him). They run off to find Sora, are once AGAIN attacked, and Kairi finally puts her keyblade to use. She doesn’t fight much, but it’s enough to help Sora and get the three friends reunited. Everything is happy fun-times until they realize they still have Organization XIII members to deal with.

Through the final battles, Kairi hangs back. She doesn’t fight anymore, and rather cheers her friends on. As the final fight approaches, Namine helps out one more time by creating a portal before fusing with Kairi and Roxas fuses with Sora, finally giving Kairi and Sora an idea of who they actually WERE. Kairi is left behind as Sora and Riku go onto the last fight with Xemnas, and she makes it safely back to Destiny Islands.

Kairi’s letter does reach Sora after the final battle, and it creates a doorway that leads the two boys back to Destiny Islands. As they come back, Kairi is standing on the beach waiting for them, very much like she always has been, and tells them “You’re Home.” The epilogue of the game shows the three characters receiving another letter from Mickey, and once again it looks like Kairi will be staying behind to wait for Sora to come home.

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